Open Fire

Hari Kiri On The Reef

It had been a very busy day and we dug in here for the night. We set up our line very carefully with machine guns and BAR's in strategic locations since we didn't know how many more Japs might be around. We knew for sure that there were some. Also, we made sure there were no gaps in our line, as we always did anyway.

About then, we discovered a group of Japs out on the reef about two hundred yards away. They had obviously been part of the group that had attacked the Army positions. Now, they were trapped. Some of our guys were taking shots at them, but they took cover behind a rock-like formation. An amtrac was called up to go after them.

Upon seeing this, the Japs stepped out from behind their cover. There were five of them. One was an officer. As we watched, they seemed to have a short ceremony, then he ordered the men to lineup. The officer approached the first man and ordered him to bow forward. As he did, the officer beheaded him with one powerful stroke from his two-handed Samurai sword. It was rather shocking to watch.

Then the officer approached the second man, who obediently bowed forward. The officer's sword flashed in the sun and another head splashed into the water. The third soldier met the same fate.

But the last man refused to bow over and started to object. So, the officer cut off his head, standing up. We expected the officer to then commit Hari Kiri, but he didn't. Instead, he decided to fight. He produced a light Nambu machine gun and started firing at the amtrac. Naturally, it was ineffective. When the amtrac got closer, the officer attempted to flee, but was cut down by the amtrac's .50-caliber machine gun.

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