What Others are Saying about Open Fire!

2004 Irwin Award, honoring Open Fire! as "The Best Non-fiction Book of the Year"

This award was presented to the writer, Dr. Roy William Roush during a special banquet by legendary entertainer, Dick Van Patten who starred in the television series Eight is Enough.

The award reads: 'Critics are already acclaiming his 708 page book, Open Fire! as one of the best nonfiction accounts of World War II. This is story-telling at its very best by a master, Roy William Roush, Ph. D., who was just a kid of 17 when he went to boot camp in San Diego in 1942. His carefully documented book is a Marine Corporal's personal story of front-line combat on Guadalcanal, Tarawa, Saipan and Tinian in the South Pacific during WWII, then as a jet fighter pilot in the Air Force in the Korean War. What a story of guts and history! What incredible photos (over 1,000)!

With the release of his book, Dr. Roush has been waging a different type of campaign, called book promotion. He has already guested three times with George Putnam and other radio shows; has done TV guest appearances and newspaper interviews, many of them military publications. It has all helped him earn the 2004 IRWIN Award for Best Nonfiction Campaign. Dr. Roush, you are now on our front line! Fire Away!!!

Buddy Ebsen, Actor and Author:

"It's a wonderful compilation of events that tells the story of the Marines. It's tremendous - like a museum piece and should be on the shelf of every library for years to come. A great contribution to research and will be a best seller, also great material for a movie."

Col. Gordon 'Gordo' Cooper, Original Mercury Seven Astronaut and Author, 'Leap of Faith':

"Roy's treatment of the Marine Corps certainly brings back a lot of memories to me, since I also was a Marine before joining the Air Force. He has a remarkable ability to write in a comprehensible manner that keeps your attention. Sometimes, we forget what a terrible toll of human lines that were lost, plus others maimed for life, in order to presserve the freedom that we all enjoy today. It makes interesting reading, and I couldn't put it down until I finished it. It's real history and an epic of World War II."

Ross Perot, Former Candidate for President :

"It's a great book. I am enjoying it very much. You did an excellent job, and included wonderful photographic coverage."

Marine Col. L. Oliver North (Fox News):

"Your book is an incredible record and a great piece of history."

Captain Joe Foss, Marine Fighter Pilot on Guadalcanal and the War's Leading Ace:

"It's one hell of an exciting book, writtten by someone who was there at the time and lived it - not by a researcher later. He went from a jungle fighter in one war to fighter pilot in another. I don't know of anyone else who did that. It's an epic of action and adventure in real history."

Sgt. Jerry C. Wachsmuth, E Company Veteran and Historian:

"He has told our story in an excellent manner and has brought up many things that I had forgotten. It's like reliving it again for me. It's a very professional job told in an interesting way - not just another book about the war in the Pacific. It is skillfully woven with exploits of drama, heroism, suffering, and humor that he witnessed."

Cpl. Bob Thather, E Company Veteran:

"Your book is great. You certainly have a knack for breaking the story down into entertaining incidents. I can picture you and hear your voice as I read it. I recommend it to everyone."

Bob Grant, Veteran and Director of World Wide Features:

"It's the best personal account of the battles of Guadalcanal, Tarawa, Saipan and Tinian, written by a professional journalist who experienced it. It is destined to be an enlightened part of the history of the war years for future generations. The details that he recalls of many things that have been almost lost in time are remarkable. It should be on the required reading list."

Milas Henshaw, Second Marine Division Historian and Film Maker:

"Gripping and compelling reading - sometimes poignant, often humorous. Well deserving of the time to read it. It will be a real classic. His personal antidotes are priceless jewels, including those of his difficulties with his Gunnery Sergent. Most interesting reading, with thrilling, heart-stopping, even shocking accounts. Well illustrated with an excellent collection of over 1,000 photographs, some never published before, including many captured from the Japanese."

Lt. Col. Bob Walters,Veteran and President, Adventures' Club of Los Angeles:

"It's brilliant, and has captured the essence of the soldier's story and what it's like to experience combat training - then combat itself, giving superb word pictures so that the reader feels like he is experiencing it also. It sparkles with action, humor, hardships and sadness, mixed with events that are bizzare, strange and unusual; also what it was like to experience combat (the ultimate adventure) up close and personal. It is a true-to-life eyewitness to history, but it reads more like a novel. It would make a great movie."

Copyright© 2003, Roy William Roush. All Rights Reserved.

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